Our (VR) Virtual Reality Software Development

OakTree Apps has a dedicated, expert team of software developers that will help your company drive engagement for targeted customer base by customizing an enterprise grade virtual reality solution for your demanding, exacting needs.

We provide fully custom VR solutions, from brainstorming to an exceptionally well crafted, tested end simulation-based product. A robust VR solution can help train clients and consumers, help companies overcome workplace challenges, safely and provide students and employees with a safe, immersive environment for learning, practicing, and growing.

Our (AR) Augmented Reality Software Development

Our augmented reality software developers engineer clean, fully immersive AR software solutions based on your vision or we can take your current technology and provide a solution with custom augmented reality to deliver fully immersive environments. Integrating your own Augmented Reality solution will enable your clients to better grow their brand, engage with their audiences and give customers a brand-new way to interact with your products.

OakTree Apps develops cutting-edge AR software solutions that will impact virtually every facet of your company. Add excitement to your product launches, company events, social media campaigns and marketing initiatives.


How Can Your Business Take Advantage of VR and AR Technologies?

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality lets businesses push the envelope of technology and user interaction. OakTree Apps’ award-winning developers have the skill and experience to create fully immersive and connected software solutions across a wide range of modern devices.

Our experience covers the entire range from mobile apps to fully developed VR solutions to ensure a comprehensive virtual experience.

Virtual Reality software

Virtual reality lets businesses’ customers engage in an entirely new, bold and exciting way. Our talented designers can build just about any kind of augmented, mixed, or virtual reality experience including training, tourism and games-based software.

Augmented Reality Applications

Phone, tablet and laptop manufacturers like Samsung, Apple and Google have invested fully in the future of virtual reality and augmented reality by incorporating hardware and software features including LIDAR and dedicated AR lenses. OakTree Apps can help your business reach new customers with attractive and immersive 3D, 2D and video AR software for just about any industry.

Mixed Reality Solutions

Mixed reality is a next-level software solution letting your users interact with your real-world customers and content through devices that show a blend of the real world and tailored images, videos and 3D.

3D data visualization

Analyzing large amounts of data can be a daunting task. Using augmented and virtual reality to display the 3D generated data can make understanding the results much simpler and easier to digest. Provide better insight through a custom software solution from our talented team of developers.

What Types of AR & VR Applications Can We Build?

Our developers are fully capable of developing immersive applications that adeptly let your customers engage with your products and services in a clear, concise, and easily digestible way. We build robust AR & VR solutions for a wide range of needs.

Brick and Mortar Interaction

Tailored navigations, virtual product try-ons, interactive in-store experiences.


Interactive augmented reality solutions that increase proficiency and helps eliminate unnecessary risks.

Remote Maintenance

Augmented reality applications for equipment maintenance, warehouse quality control and remote customer service.


Virtual and augmented reality for the mobile and desktop markets have been exploding and gaming is at the forefront of technology, providing super high-definition visuals and immersive audio for mobile devices and headsets.

Virtual Tours

Virtual reality and augmented reality application solutions, great for promotions, housing tours, travel experiences and much more.

Medical Imaging

Augmented reality and virtual reality can provide immersion therapy, medical imaging and guidance for a myriad of medical needs.

What Type of AR & VR Technologies Do You Specialize In?

We create VR & AR solutions using cutting-edge, state-of-the-art software to create or enhance a custom product that is perfect for your specific needs.

VR Devices

Samsung VR Gear

Virtual Reality (VR) Software (AR and VR Technology Stack)

Unreal Engine

AR Visualization Software


Augmented Reality (AR) Software


VR Visualization Software


AR Devices

Google Glass
Microsoft Hololens