What Advantages Can Blockchain Bring Your Company?

Eliminate Bottlenecks

Implementing your own dedicated blockchain service reduces your businesses’ costs while minimizing potential errors. Additionally, you can reduce fraud, open up new business models and accurately track all of your important data. Blockchain solutions are on-demand; eliminating time-consuming processes that tax your company’s time.


Cut Operational Costs

Utilizing your own, custom blockchain solution can dramatically slash processing fees imposed by banking institutions and payment processors. Leveraging the benefits of a secure blockchain technology solution will eliminate worry and effortlessly let your business secure deals, exchange private data, payment processing and transaction information.

Data Privacy

Our custom solutions minimize risks while adhering to governing regulations. We ensure all transactions are secure from beginning to end and implement authorization strategies designed so every interaction is completely stable and safe. Your company can leverage blockchain development technologies to secure data retrieval and record-keeping and help prevent breaches, fraud, and cyber-attacks.


What Types of Blockchain Applications Can We Build?

Our methodology includes using Solidity to develop smart contracts, ERC-20 coins, ICO drop and NFT marketplace solutions that run on Ethereum. Our master team of Solidity developers can create robust, error-free smart contracts for a wide array of blockchain needs.


Blockchain Technology Consulting

Our approach to blockchain technology consulting begins with what, why and how blockchain can benefit your enterprise solution and bring trust and transparency to the system.

How can a custom blockchain technology solution benefit your company? That’s the question we answer by analyzing your businesses’ needs. Our goal is to build transparency, efficiency, trust, cost savings and security my building you a personalized blockchain solution that fits your needs perfectly and at a reasonable price. OakTree Apps’ consulting services are perfect for any industry including banking, healthcare, startups, insurance, stock trading and logistics.


DApps development

From ideation to design and development, our blockchain developers build enterprise-grade decentralized applications to help clients accelerate time to market and maximize ROI.

We take you through the entire process of designing, developing and implementing enterprise-grade decentralized applications to meet your specific challenges.


Blockchain Supply chain consulting

Blockchain is the perfect solution for improving supply chain transparency and traceability and most importantly reducing administrative costs, regardless of targeted industry.


Custom blockchain app development

Our expert developers can build custom blockchain applications that are scalable and expertly crafted for a wide array of blockchain platforms.


Smart contract development

Smart contract development is made simple with our dedicated, master team of engineers. Let our team design, develop and deploy smart contracts for public or private blockchain dApp networks.


decentralized exchange

Do you have a need for a dApp exchange solution? Let our team create a secure decentralized exchange for real-time exchanges of digital information


Blockchain wallet development

Blockchain wallet application development with our experts will provide you and your clients with an efficient solution that enable balance inquires, transaction tracking and the checking of history.



Eliminate volatility and ensure trust and transparency with your own custom tokenization solution.

Which Blockchain Technologies Do We Work With?

What Are Some Leading Uses for Blockchain Services?

Traceability of Data

Your custom Blockchain application can allow your business to securely, privately hold data and important information.

Interoperability (fiat vs cyrpto)

Streamline payment processing, identify blind spots, improve visibility throughout your supply chains and grow your contacts globally with blockchain technology services.

Copyright & Royalty

A Blockchain solution can reduce and eliminate industry stigma by providing a transparent tracking system that will fairly compensate artists for their work.


Make your financial interactions more transparent while operating on a public ledger with a Blockchain application. Get full control over and expose attempted fraud to reduce risk and prompt increased efficiency while eliminating liability.