What is IoT or Internet of Things?

First formulated at the Davos Economic Forum more than 20 years ago, (IoT) or ‘Internet of Things’ is a formulated concept aimed to develop computational systems of online devices that are connected together, storing information without intervention from people. IoT device development solutions have become an extremely large, popular industry.

The main components of an IoT system are:

  • Devices with connectivity
  • Scalable backend software
  • A means of connectivity
  • frontend software

We have rich technical skills and broad experience in Internet of Things software development. But enough is never enough. Our engineers are constantly on the edge of innovation and trends—we study the latest frameworks and platforms for IoT solution development and are always able to select the most reasonable and cost-effective tools for our clients.

OakTree Apps has a skilled team of experienced developers capable of creating an Internet of Things solution for your business. Our engineers are always on the edge of innovation, studying the most often used, popular frameworks and platforms. Let us create a custom IoT solution that’s scalable, perfect for your exacting needs.

We create custom IoT solutions for businesses operating in a wide array of commercial industries:

Industrial IoT

Monitor operations, manage safety, track asset management, and increase production using predictive analytics

Smart Homes

OakTree Apps’ expert dev team will create a versatile solution for green and smart home markets. We are able to take advantage of machine learning and help companies create automated, versatile smart spaces.

Healthcare IoT

Building apps that securely connects, tracks and monitors data intelligently for healthcare facilities and environments is a specialty of OakTree Apps. We can create interactive, monitoring software solution that is fully transparent while optimizing, processing and monitoring pharmaceutical usage, patient flow, doctor care, nurse scheduling, research and more.

Retail IoT

IoT represents a great opportunity for businesses. Collect, process and utilize that data for greater insights into your company’s needs. Our IoT developers can help you optimize inventory, overhead, supply chains and virtually every aspect of your brick and mortar or internet business.

Logistics IoT

Gain real-time visibility on logistics processes with an OakTree Apps’ Internet of Things custom solution. Streamline operations, monitor how goods are processed and received and improve fleet management.

Automotive IoT

IoT has completely disrupted the automotive market in just the last few years. OakTree Apps can help you embrace technology and transform your niche by enhancing the customer experience through enhancing vehicle infotainment, maintenance, telematics, and autonomous based functionality.

What types of (IOT) Internet of Things Software Solutions Do You Provide?

IoT Mobile Apps

Our mobile development experts can build your business a native or cross-platform mobile app to handle data generated from your connected devise and our custom IoT solutions will manage the entirety of your IoT ecosystem.

IoT Apps for Web & Desktops

Our experts at OakTree Apps will help your business by quickly developing desktop and browser-based apps which utilize a robust IoT infrastructure.

IoT Dashboards

Gain full control over your IoT data by implementing connectivity that our expert team of IoT developers can provide that will allow you to customize dashboards for analysis to data monitoring and visualization.

IoT AI & Machine Learning Solutions

Fast growing technologies like AI and Machine Learning can be used to benefit your company by providing predictive insights and bolstering your network security.

OakTree Apps

OakTree Apps is an agency that utilizes its technical skills and extensive expertise in Internet of Things development. Our engineers work with cutting-edge, innovative trends and we work with the latest IoT frameworks and platforms to create custom IoT solutions, custom tailored to your needs.

What are the most commonly used IoT protocols does OakTree Apps work with?

IoT Platforms
  • Google Cloud
  • AWS IoT hub
  • ThingWorx
  • Azure IoT Hub
  • Bluetooth
  • Wi-Fi
  • ZigBee
  • NFC
  • Ethernet
  • LAN
  • Sigfox
  • RFID
Hardware & Sensor
  • Arduino
  • Raspberry Pi
  • iBeacons
  • OBD devices
Standards & Protocols
  • Nest
  • MQTT
  • Homekit
  • TCP
  • BLE

Why Use OakTree Apps for IoT Development?


We adhere to industry standards and regulations while adhere to industry best practice. Secure data tracking and monitoring is a major component of IoT security we provide our customers.

Reliable connectivity

We help you choose a networking protocol best suited to your IoT software needs. Our IoT solutions mean a secure, trouble-free, and connected experience.

Smooth UI/UX Experience

Our expert developers and designers utilize their years of experience in order to create an IoT application experience that is intuitive to use and user-friendly.


Our IoT development services are built to scale easily, saving you time and hassle while providing the necessary functionality to support millions of connected devices if needed.

Unparalleled quality

Our IoT quality assurance means you can rest assured that we ensure a quality product through rigorous manual and automated testing.

Our IoT Development Process

Embrace the key components of a viable IoT infrastructure to build a custom IoT platform that drives efficiency from low-cost connectivity, enterprise-level security, and seamless integration with IoT apps and devices.

IoT Brainstorming & Consulting

We study your exact needs, provide feedback on any legal or regulatory issues and help define the right IoT application parameters to assist in defining the required scope of your custom IoT application.

IoT Design & Prototyping

We create an IoT prototype based on your desired aesthetics before proceeding to full-scale development. We use state-of-the-art prototyping tools like Figma and Adobe XD to build a full-scale, fully interactive IoT application.

IoT Production

Once the prototype is approved, we move to develop your IoT application using the best platform for your specific needs. We ensure that the developed IoT application is able to be integrated seamlessly.

IoT Testing

Our team of expert developers have dozens of years combined of experience in testing the functionality and security of your IoT application. We conduct vulnerability testing across all platforms including web browsers, operating systems and others and test for connectivity, performance, functionality and compatibility issues.


Once a project is completed and fully tested, we move the finished IoT product into the new or existing environment.


Our agency can provide you with the regular monitoring and management of your completed IoT application and fix any defects from daily, weekly or monthly monitoring.