Class-Leading Wearable Software Development

Whether you need a bespoke wearable device or a fully-custom, tailored application, OakTree Apps’ expert team of developers can design, create, and integrate solutions for wearable technology that will open new possibilities for your customers. Advancements in mobile application technology represents a truly disruptive force in today’s business landscape. Our wearables app development services provide comprehensive solutions providing clients with inventive UI/UX designs, scalable back-ends and fantastic support to meet your specific business requirements.

Whether it is medical, shopping, sport & fitness, gaming, or lifestyle contact our team today learn more about how our team of developers can bring your vision to life.

What Wearables Software Solutions Do You Provide?


Embedded Software & Leveraging APIs

Our engineers will create robust, scalable yet concise applications for fully leveraging device power and features:

  • Middleware: ML-based, voice assistants, drivers, SDKs

Back-end Integration

We create apps for wearable devices that securely connect with users to track user information, interactions and handle real-time push notifications:

  • Cloud-based data storage and processing: AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud
  • Web dashboard development

Mobile Applications

Our wearable application solutions for Android and iOS allow for wearable app development solutions that are user-engaging and secure:

  • Partially shift CPU load to a smartphone
  • Visualize sensor data on a larger screen
  • Manage the device in a convenient manner

What technology APIs does OakTree Apps work with?

OakTree Apps has development agency leading experience in the wearables technology industry, offering your business sustainability, connectivity, and interactivity.

Fitness Wearables

Popular trackers, smartwatches, and sport-related equipment data so your employees or customers stay healthy and have the data they need for better health and awareness.

  • Garmin
  • WearOS
  • Fitbit
Clinical/Professional Medical Devices

We provide the security and information necessary so medical device software can effectively, safely connect with patients.

  • Bayer
  • Accu-Chek
  • Qardio
  • Omron
Wearable Instant Payment

We create efficient, point-of-purchase software for bands, clothing and cards for comprehensive contactless payment needs.

  • Jawbone
  • Amazfit
  • bPay
  • Amazfit
  • Infineon


Wearable development refers to creating custom solutions for your smartwatch. Now-a-days smartwatches have a lot of processing power that can be harnessed to monitor you health, weather, and even your bank account!

Wearable technologies can be used in the medical, social media and marketing fields

The biggest challenge is how do we ensure that the wearable application is not putting a lot of load on the CPU and maximising the battery

We can use wearable to monitor blood pressure, heartbeats etc. and notify you and your loved ones immediately if the app notices something as inaccurate