Multi-Purpose Decentralized Crypto Wallet Solutions

We create decentralized crypto wallets for several Blockchain projects like decentralized exchange, DeFi Trading and even Investment platforms. We can help you build scalable and feature-loaded Crypto Wallets as mobile apps, desktop apps, and web apps for the convenience of your end-users.

Crypto Wallet Development Services We Offer

Crypto Wallet Consultation Service

Are you in need of experts’ guidance for your Crypto Wallet Development? Then our Crypto Wallet consultation service will help. We have highly experienced Blockchain developers who can help you with valuable knowledge and suggestions to create a top-quality Crypto Wallet.

Web3 Wallet Development

Develop a feature-rich Web3 wallet with industry-leading experts at OakTree Apps to let your end-users avail benefits like buying and selling of NFTs, handling tokens available on Ethereum, Solana, and more networks, and even accessing the DeFi apps.

DeFi Wallet Development

OakTree Apps, is one of the best crypto wallet development service providers, assess all your requirements and only then starts developing your DeFi Wallet. During the development process we make sure the solution we are developing has all the functionalities to increase your chances of success.

White Label Wallet Development

Offer your audience the flexibility of earning, transfering, and even tracking the digital currencies with a white label Crypto Wallet. Having a team of highly experienced Blockchain developers on hand we build robust, scalable and secured white label Crypto Wallets with world-class features.

Multi-Currency Wallet Development

Launch your own multi-currency Crypto Wallet that allows the users to transact and store several types of virtual currencies.

Bitcoin Wallet Development

Capitalize on the opportunity of the on-going Bitcoin Wallet trend with a team of industry-leading Crypto Wallet developers at OakTree Apps. We build advanced Bitcoin Wallets with latest features to optimize the security and support a large group of assets.

Coin-Specific Wallet Development

Are you planning to develop a Coin-Specific Crypto Wallet? Look no further than OakTree Apps. With a team of highly qualified developers we can build you your own scalable, secured and feature-rich Coin-Specific Wallet.

Crypto Wallet Support & Maintenance

To help you in keeping your Crypto Wallet running smoothly OakTree Apps offers a comprehensive suite of support and maintenance services. We help you in everything from bug support, technical support to overall performance optimization.

Types of Cryptocurrency Wallets We Develop

Mobile Wallets

We build top-notch Crypto Wallets for both iOS and Android smartphones.

Web Wallets

Our team of highly skilled developers can build world-class web Crypto Wallets where the users can sign in to avail the services.

Desktop Wallets

Looking to develop a desktop Crypto Wallet? Here we are offering leading desktop Crypto Wallets integrated with trending features.

Features We Integrate in Your Crypto Wallet Solutions

Multi-Factor Authentication

Enhance the security of your Crypto Wallet with our premium multi-factor authentication feature. Considering your requirements we integrate this feature into your Crypto Wallet solution.

Over the Counter Trading

Our Crypto Wallets allows the end-user to enjoy the over the counter trading experience. Two parties can easily engage in an asset trading session with the in-app trading feature.

Transaction History

This feature helps the users keep track of his transactions in a well organized manner.

Live Conversion Rates

Integrating this feature will help the end-users stay updated regarding the conversion rates of cryptos. The rates will be updated with each single change among the conversion rates.

Wallet Backup

To keep your users safe and ready for unfortunate situations like getting hacked, or phishing attacks we integrate the best security standards in your Crypto Wallets. Moreover, to help your users retrieve their data safely we integrate Wallet Backup feature.

QR Scanner

This feature eliminates the Crypto Wallet address copying and sharing step. Integrating the QR code scanning feature will help your users transfer instantly and quite easily.

Multi-Crypot Compatible

With the right expertise onboard we can build multi-crypto compatible wallets. For example Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and more can be supported in our Crypto Wallets with this feature.

KYC Verification

To maintain the security it is essential to verify the users with a proper KYC verification feature. We integrate geography-oriented KYC verification in our Crypto Wallets to ensure the security of the wallet.

Credit Cards For Transaction

With this feature users can avail the flexibility of buying virtual assets using their credit cards.

Crypto Wallet Development Process: Proven Methodology We Follow

Requirement Analysis

Before developing it is better to understand what are the requirements and goals related to the Crypto Wallet. So we spend 1 to 2 weeks for detailed discussions with our clients. These discussions are to understand the requirements, business goals and plans and also the feature specifications. Once we have the mentioned details we record them in a document we call “specification document”. This specification document serves as a roadmap for us to develop your Crypto Wallet and also ensures that everyone of us are on the same page.

Design & Development

As soon as the specification document is verified by the client, we proceed for the next step of the Crypto Wallet development. If the client provides us with mockups, we will start the development phase immediately, but if we do not get mockups from the client we create the mockups ourselves and input the client feedback in them. Once the design gets confirmation from the client we proceed with the development phase.

Testing & Launch

OakTree Apps works on a 2 week sprint mode, and after every 2 weeks we provide the client with all the deliverables we agreed upon. We also perform the QA tests during this 2 week sprint. We follow this practice till the entire specification document is complete. As soon as the specification document is finished we launch your app Crypto Wallet.

Support & Maintenance

OakTree Apps also offer a 2 hour launch window support. However the post-launch maintenance services for your Crypto Wallet will be offered based on the contracts we sign.

Why Choose Us As Your Crypto Wallet Development Company?

Customized Solutions

We create Crypto Wallet solutions once we have assessed your requirements and business goals. This helps us develop your Crypto Wallet customized as per your requirements which can help you achieve your business goals.

Secure & Reliable

Crypto Wallets are among the prime targets of cyber criminals, so security threat is very common for these wallets. OakTree Apps enhances the security by developing a secure code for your Crypto Wallet development.

Quality Experience

OakTree Apps has teams filled with industry-leading experts in the Crypto Wallet development domain. These experts have been involved in successful development of many virtual asset wallets for our global client base. We back you with the same experience in your Crypto Wallet development.

Dedicated Teams

OakTree Apps believe a dedicated team is crucial to develop a successful app. That’s why we assign dedicated teams from the ideation stage to creating your Crypto Wallet.

Dedicated Support

It is very vital that you receive support that really helps. We will have you covered in everything from doubts, to performance optimization with our dedicated support and maintenance service.

Client Reviews for Our Crypto Wallet Development Services

We are very delighted with the service of OakTree Apps. They have listened to all our queries in between the development process and even supported us even after delivering the solution to us. A very pleasant experience with the team and very happy with their work for our Crypto Wallet.

Client NameCompany

We were very surprised when OakTree Apps delivered us the Crypto Wallet on time even after we had requested a number of changes during the development. Overall a great experience working with a team of experienced professionals. We have got what we were looking for in the Crypto Wallet Oaktree Apps has developed for us.

Client NameCompany

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Our Tech Stack for Crypto Wallet Development Services

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Crypto Wallet is something you will not want to take risk with an inexperienced development partner. OakTree Apps backs your Crypto Wallet development with the right expertise and offers you a highly secured solution, round the clock support and increases your chances of success with industry-leading features.

A custom Crypto wallet with basic functionalities can take 3-6 months, with medium-complex functionalities 6-8 months, and with highly-complex functionalities it can take more than 9 months. The Crypto Wallet development process duration can vary based on factors like- features, type, development team size and many more.

A custom Crypto wallet with basic functionalities can cost $25,000-$60,000, with medium-complex functionalities $60,000-$100,000, and with highly-complex functionalities it can cost $100,000-$200,000. The Crypto Wallet development cost duration can vary based on factors like- features, type, technologies, development team size, development process duration and many more.